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Chew On This: Sacred Food Choices: Atid Learning Center Weekly Update 4/13/18

Dear Families,

A Note from Luisa: I will be travelling from April 17-25th. There will be an capable adult in my office during classes should anything arise. If you need to get a hold of the school during the week, call the main office and leave a message and they will pass it along.  On Sunday, call the main synagogue line and select extension #120.

Reminder Kehilat Kids (grades K-2) is this Saturday at 11:00 am, hope you can join us.

Important events to take note of:

Focus Group, reflection on congregational survey- April 22 / 10-11:30 am – Focus on members with children ages 0-18 feedback…. Note: RSVP to the synagogue office at 301-762-7338; office@tikvatisrael.org (a minimum of seven confirmed participants are needed for a focus group session to take place).

*Wednesday we began rehearsals for our Shabbat service and skit!  Friday, April 27, will be a Atid Family Shabbat service and dinner. I hope you can join us.  Attached is a registration form. (BBQ Chicken, Chicken Nuggets, Rice, Salad, Veggies, and Dessert)

Sunday, April 29, Atid families are going to be learning with our hands and hearts by cleaning Rock Creek Park.  Please visit http://www.shalomdc.org/tikvatisraelgdd2018/ and register your family.  9:00-11:30 am.  We are getting t-shirts this year, sizing based on availability, register early to get your first choice. 

Torah Talk:

Click here! (includes a video about the parsha!) 

By Rabbi Dianne Cohler-Esses 

We all eat and need to feed our families.  But how we do so involves many small decisions.  Think about being in a supermarket.  We all make many decisions there concerning the food we buy.  We are inundated by products and need to make decisions based on various factors such as healthfulness or what’s appealing to our family.

In this week’s Torah portion we are told very specifically that we can not eat whatever we want whenever we want.  Discipline, in Judaism, is an important part of eating.  According to the Torah, following the discipline of what we can eat and what we can’t eat makes us holy.  Making these choices teaches us that food and eating are sacred matters.

While some of us may choose to keep kosher and some might not, it’s important to keep in mind that making wise choices about the food we eat elevates the act of eating.  We want to teach our children that they just can’t eat anything any time and any way that they want.

?Families eating healthful food together are involved in a sacred activity – taking in the bounty of the earth.  Consider what would elevate your family’s eating experience into one that consciously acknowledged the blessings that are abundant at our dining room or kitchen table.

TALK TO YOUR KIDS about how important food choices are to their physical and spiritual health.


  • What kinds of foods do you like to eat?
  • Do you know where these foods come from?
  • Which kinds of foods makes you feel good when you eat them?
  • Why is it important to eat together with your family?
  • What is the value of applying discipline to what we eat?

Upcoming Events

  • Saturday, April 14– Kehillat Kids (K-2) 11:00 am
  • Sunday, April 15- Machar Event, bring a piece of clothing to tie-dye 11:30-1:30 pm
  • Saturday April 21- Drama on Shabbat 
  • Friday, April 27- Atid Family Shabbat
  • Sunday, April 29- Good Deed’s Day

Community Announcements: 

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Shabbat shalom,

Luisa Moss
Director of Education and Youth Programming