Tikvat Israel Congregation

A Conservative Synagogue in Rockville, MD

Atid Learning Center Update Feb 8, 2017

Shalom Atid Families,
I look forward to seeing you on Saturday for our Youth Shabbat.  This is a special once a year opportunity for children from tots to teens to help lead the service in the main sanctuary.  Please have your children arrive by 10:15am.
Ever wonder why we often have two challahs on  the Shabbat table? During this weeks Torah portion, Beshallach, as the Israelites were wandering in the desert, the matzah that had been brought with them ran out.  Moses prayed to God for guidance and God responded, “Tell the people that I will send them food from heavens. Every morning they will be able to go outside their tents and pick up the food and it will taste delicious….On Friday however, tell them to pick up a double portion of food to last them through Shabbat.  For on Shabbat they must not gather any food outside their tents. (Exodus 16:4-6)”  The two challot that we have on our Shabbat table remind of us how God provided for the Israelites ensuring that they would have a double portion on Friday for Shabbat.
What Shabbat traditions does your family have?
In my family, growing up, my siblings and I had special Kiddush cups to drink from.  We ate in the dining room table instead of in the kitchen.  We used nicer napkins on the table.  Pop was a special treat at Shabbat dinner.  We always had a nice dessert.  
Your partner in Jewish learning,

Kitah Alef (K-2)
Teacher: Limor Dahan
Sunday we:
-enjoyed doing a activity sheet with a picture of a apple tree, each apple in the tree had a Hebrew letter, the kids had to find the correct letters to spell the word tapochim (apples in Hebrew) and color the letters red
– had a great rehearsal for Youth Shabbat with the Cantor . The kids did a lovely job learning the blessings and the songs, please join us on February 11 for Youth Shabbat.
-read a book on Judah and his almond tree, the kids decorated almond trees that will be used as centerpieces at the lunch following Youth Shabbat.

Kitah Bet (3-4)
Teacher: Meirav Shahar

Sunday we:
-discussed the Jewish holiday of Tu B’Shvat
-read a book about how plants give energy, food and oxygen to the world
-rehearsed for Youth Shabbat on Saturday
-to celebrate the environment, we planted parsley seeds which should grow and be ready to use for Passover and decorated recycled containers to use as pots
-went over the letter “tet”

Our tzedakah total as of today: $236.88!….Lets keep that going!

Kitah Gimel (5-6)
Teacher: Yosef Landy

Sunday we:
-discussed acharayut (responsibility) in relationship to the Torah story of Judah and Benjamin
-our text tells the story in a newspaper article style, role playing, I interviewed the students to pretend that they were a part of the story and imagine how each person would respond to the questions
-we had Youth Shabbat rehearsal
-continuing with the discussion of Israels conflicts and security, we discussed the pros and cons of building a security fence
-explored the idea of pidyon sh’vuyim (redeeming captives)

Mark Your Calendar:

Saturday, February 11/ Youth Shabbat/ Game Shabbat

Saturday, February 25th/ Torah Club

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Purim Art Contest, deadline Feb. 28

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