Tikvat Israel Congregation

A Conservative Synagogue in Rockville, MD

Atid Learning Center Update March 8

Shalom Atid Families,
**Important Details for Sunday, March 12** 
  1.  SPRING AHEAD- Change your clocks Saturday night.
  2.  Class 9am, wear your costume!
  3.  Purim Puppet Show at  11 am, Students will go to the Social Hall at 11 am, parents and siblings are invited to join us at that time. The puppet show will end at ~11:45 am.
  4. Macaroni Groggers will be for sale for $1. You can donate the macaroni box to Manna afterward.
  5. On Purim it is tradition to give tzedakah (Matanot L’Evyonim), there will be jars in the lobby for donations.


I have just returned to the office from a meeting where a representative of the Jewish Community Relations Council and a representative of Jewish Social Services spoke in regards to the recent acts of anti-semitism in the Jewish community.  I want you to know that I continue stay aware of the latest security recommendations and work with the staff at Tikvat Israel to create a safe place for our families.

In this week’s Parsha Tetzaveh, Aaron and his sons are instructed to have a lamp burning in the Mishkan, a sanctuary/ holy place where God will meet with human beings.  The Torah suggests that the ner tamid should not be considered a light for practical use but rather something that represents devotion to God. 

After the destruction of the Second Temple, the notion of a Ner Tamid the way we know it in our synagogues today, honors this Biblical commandment.   The Ner Tamid, Ner meaning “light” and tamid meaning “always” is an important symbol in our sanctuaries, illuminating an otherwise dark room, the Ner Tamid is there to guide us on our Jewish journey.  Hanging over the Torahs, it helps illuminate the words of our ancestors as we find our own path of connection.  As parents raising children in today’s world, dealing with the incidents that have been occurring in our community as well as communities across our country, I hope that we can help guide you and your family.  I am attaching some resources.  Please also know that I am available as resource to you and your child/ren.  The synagogue staff are here to support your as well.

As a family:

  1. Is there something or someone in your life who is like a ner tamid, providing constant light in your life?
  2. Are there people in our community whose lives need a little more light? What are some ways we can help them?

Your partner in Jewish learning,



Kitah Alef (K-2)
Teacher: Limor Dahan

Today we:
-reviewed the story of Purim
-played a game with Purim Hebrew words
-played a matching game with Purim vocabulary English and Hebrew
-learned the 4 mitzvot of Purim:
1. Listening to story of Purim
2. Giving Mishloach manot to friends and family
3. Having a Purim feast
4.Giving charity to the poor
-last week the students composed questions for the Rabbi, this week, he visited our class to answer the questions.
-last week the kids made finger puppets of characters from the Megillah, this week the kids chose a character and told the class about the character
-read the book Cakes and Miracles a Purim tale by Barbara Diamond Goldin

Kitah Bet (3-4)
Teacher: Meirav Shahar

Today we:
-continued our unit about Purim.
-worked on our Purim play script and practiced our parts.
-discussed the four Mitzvot of Purim: reading the Megilah, Mishloach manot, gifts to the poor and having a feast.
-had a special guest in our class – Rabbi Shull, who answered the kids’ questions about Kashrut, miracles and other questions related to Judaism.
-decorated Purim masks
Reminders: please send any props you have for our play. Also, if you volunteered to bring any treats for our Mishloach manot, please remember to bring 12 store bought, kosher individually wrapped treats this Sunday.

Our tzedakah total as of today: $284.47!….Lets keep that going!

Kitah Gimel (5-6)
Teacher: Yosef Landy

Today we:
-read through the story of Shifrah and Puah
-analyzed their courage and applied it to our daily lives
-examined the word “Gevura”
– had an opportunity to ask questions to Rabbi Shull
-performed an interview with Esther, where students got to ask Esther some questions
– created our own mishlochai manot and exchanged with one another

Mark Your Calendar: