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Atid Weekly Update 10/18/18

Shalom Families,

Our 3rd-6th grade students had our first Tefillah (prayer) session on Wednesday.  I read a book called I Wonder and explained that our thoughts and relationship with God is complex and changes as we experience different things in life.  Each of the students were asked finish the statements: I think that God…, I wonder if God…, and I have learned that God… The responses are impressive!  We will have tefillah every other week.  It will be a combination of developing spirituality and reciting the prayers.  My goal is for the students to be comfortable in a worship service as well as to know why we pray.

-Want to have your own conversation with your child about God?   Rabbi Danya Ruttenberg gives tips on how to approach this conversation. Click Here.

3rd-6th graders also received Hebrew homework this week. Please help them practice, call the Google # sometime prior to Wednesday class, and bring their folders on Wednesdays.

Please remember to send your child with tzedakah money! At the end of the year the class will select and organization or two to allocate their funds.

When the weather is nice, we like to go out to the playground during a quick class break, please have your child bring or wear closed toed shoes.

3rd-5th grade parents– Mark your calendar for our Machar Youth Group Kickoff on Sunday, October 28th.

Here is your weekly parsha video! Watch it together as a family this weekend 🙂

Wishing you and your family a Shabbat shalom,

Luisa Moss
Director of Education and Youth Programming
(301)762-7338 ext 120

Community News

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