Tikvat Israel Congregation

A Conservative Synagogue in Rockville, MD

Bereavement (Chevra Kadisha)


Purpose: Jewish law and tradition have endowed funeral and mourning practices with profound religious significance. A Chevra Kadisha, literally “a holy society”, such as the one at Tikvat Israel, is made up of volunteers who aid the bereaved and, together with the Rabbi, ensure that appropriate practices are followed. Assisting in the preparation and burial of the deceased is an important mitzvah.

Activities: Advise congregants in making funeral arrangements arrange for Tahara (ritual bathing of the deceased) arrange funeral services in Tikvat Israel’s Sanctuary or at graveside arrange for Shomer(someone to be with the deceased) before the funeral at the Synagogue
arrange for a meal of condolence for the mourners at their immediate return from the funeral coordinate shiva minyanim and supply the shiva house with siddurim (prayer books) and low chairs, if desired, and provide funeral contract with Hines-Rinaldi through the JFPCGW (see below)

The following resources can be downloaded:

Committee contact: Harold Diamond