Tikvat Israel Congregation

A Conservative Synagogue in Rockville, MD


TI will assist in Tahara (ritual bathing of the deceased); arrange funeral services in Tikvat Israel’s Sanctuary or at graveside; arrange for Shomer (someone to be with the deceased) before the funeral at the Synagogue; arrange for a meal of condolence for the mourners at their immediate return from the funeral; coordinate shiva minyanim and supply the shiva house with siddurim (prayer books) and low chairs, if desired; and provide funeral contract with Sagel Funeral Direction.

Tikvat Israel, in an effort to provide for the needs of its congregants, has purchased cemetery property at both Judean Gardens (Sliver Spring/Rockville) and The Garden of Remembrance (Clarksburg).  The resale price of sites to our members is the same.  Other than the difference in location, the primary difference is the ability to erect headstones at The Garden of Remembrance versus use of ground level markers at Judean Garden.  For more information contact Sam Freedenberg

The following resources can be downloaded: