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Congregants Ratify $1.5M Annual Budget with Dedicated Security Funds

Jim Perlmutter, co-president

Tikvat Israel members endorsed a spending plan for new fiscal year beginning July 1 that fortifies the synagogue’s building security and puts tighter control on expenses.

More than 50 congregants were on hand at the congregational meeting on June 30 to support the $1.5 million budget for Tikvat Israel operations in 2019-20. The budget had been adopted a week earlier by the board of directors.
The budget carries a $150 fee per household to support enhanced security measures, which include newly installed exterior security cameras and interior panic buttons for emergency use. The dedicated security funding also will cover the weekly expense of an off-duty Montgomery County police officer on the synagogue grounds during every Shabbat morning.
While proposing about $115,000 less in spending compared to 2018-19, the new budget carries a 4 percent membership dues increase, the first hike in four years. The board last raised dues in 2015.
Synagogue treasurer Stuart Lempert and Alan Apter, a board vice president, led the budget planning and explained the spending plan to congregants. They said tighter controls are being installed for administrative operations, kitchen activities and sponsored kiddushes.
Joining them on the budget planning committee were Kelcey Klass, Gene Sheskin and Steve Raucher.