Tikvat Israel ECC


2200 Baltimore Road, Rockville, MD 20851
Phone: 301-251-0455
Email: tikvatisraelecc@gmail.com

Early Childhood Center


Mission Statement:

It is our mission at Tikvat Israel ECC to provide a high quality, developmentally appropriate, Jewish early childhood program facilitated by nurturing educators who support the ECC children as they:

* EXPLORE their surroundings and engage in discovery play.

* LEARN through active participation in multi-sensory activities.

* CONNECT with peers and adults in our warm, inclusive & loving multicultural community with a strong foundation of Jewish values and traditions


Why Send your Child to Tikvat Israel ECC?

Balanced Curriculum– Our curriculum balances the importance of learning and play with the ultimate goal of kindergarten readiness.

Gan Gurim at Tikvat Israel– A full Hebrew immersion program for children with a Hebrew background.

Flexible Scheduling – We offer flexible scheduling options to meet the needs of our ECC families.

Our ECC Family – Our community is comprised of our nurturing educators, inquisitive children and caring families. There are several opportunities for parent involvement and community connections through the ECC Family Network’s (EFN) many initiatives, such as all-school playdates, annual events (Latkes & Lights Program, Truck Touch fundraiser, Shabbat is Special dinner), and the ongoing weekly playgroup program for babies. The EFN meets monthly.