Tikvat Israel Congregation

A Conservative Synagogue in Rockville, MD

Five Expect to be Seated on TI Board in January

Congregants get the chance at year’s end to refashion the membership on the synagogue’s governing board.

In mid-December, a slate of five board members were recommended for two-year terms commencing in January.

Among those nominated were two current board members, Jay P. Goldman and Kelcey Klass, both of whom agreed to commit another to another term of service on the board of directors.

Joining them will be three newcomers – Steve Eiserike, Sherrie Krauser and Jeremy Schiffer – who were recommended for office at congregational meeting on Dec. 10.

All five must be formally approved at a congregational election, which is scheduled for 4 p.m. on Sunday, Jan. 7. All officer positions and several other board berths will be elected a year from now.

Congregants also gave their thanks to three individuals who are leaving board service — Michael Amster, Michele Eisenberg and Alana Suskin.

Jonathan Solomon served as chair of the nominations committee. Other members are fellow past presidents Rodney Matheson and Ronald Rabin.

Mini-profiles of the board nominees follow.

Steven Eiserike

Member of TI since 1988

Native of Silver Spring

Occupational life:  substitute teacher in Montgomery County Public Schools and part-time child care provider for granddaughter;  retired engineer with 42 years of experience in computer technology.

Volunteer roles at TI or elsewhere: past TI board member; Shabbat morning usher; High Holidays shomer; Purim Puppet show.


Jay P. Goldman

Member of TI since 1987

Native of Auburn, N.Y.

Occupational life: editor of monthly national magazine, School Administrator; adjunct professor at University of Maryland’s College of Journalism since 1989

Volunteer roles at TI or elsewhere: TI board member for about 15 years; chair, TI’s strategic communications committee; editor of synagogue Bulletin; volunteer leader, monthly Jewish service at Potomac Valley Nursing Home for 25 years

Kelcey Klass

 Member of TI since 1973 (Temple Israel)

 Native of Long Island, N.Y.

Occupational life:  substitute teacher in Montgomery County Public Schools and former principal of a private preschool and kindergarten;  previously, 17 years with U.S. Department of Education as budget analyst and program and management analyst.

Volunteer roles at TI or elsewhere: past member, Montgomery County Commission on Children and Youth; current TI board member; supervised youth members in babysitting services during High Holidays; past chair, TI membership directory project.


Sherrie Krauser

Member of TI since 2016 

Native of Washington, D.C., and Adelphi, Md.

Occupational life:  retired judge, Circuit Court for Prince George’s County; former adjunct professor at Columbus School of Law, Catholic University; private mediator and arbitrator with JAMS in Washington, D.C.

Volunteer roles at TI or elsewhere:  TI kiddush; program leader at Cohen-Rosen House; volunteered in TI kitchen,


Jeremy A. Schiffer

Member of TI since 2016 (ECC parent since 2012)

Native of Tucson, Ariz.

Occupational life:  senior counsel at U.S. Dept. of Commerce, where I help the National Institute of Standards and Technology fund scientific and advanced manufacturing research programs; affiliate assistant professor of law and social responsibility in the Sellinger School of Business, Loyola University Maryland.

Volunteer roles at TI or elsewhere: assistant principal clarinet in the Rockville Concert Band.