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Mitzvah Hero Homework

So here is a summer homework assignment.  As you travel about this summer, use that smart phone to take a picture of someone engaging in mitzvah work.  It could be someone helping to clean up a park or someone helping someone learn to swim. 

Below you will find a list of Mitzvah Hero powers and suggested actions. Feel free to do other mitzvot as well. Try one or try a few. How does it feel being a Mitzvah Hero? Are there some mitzvot you regularly do? That is OK, as well. Perhaps there are new ones you want to try. Experiment and let us know how it goes.

Please take photos of you and your children in mitzvah action and send them to Luisa at luisa@tikvatisrael.org  or to the office office@tikvatisrael.org with the subject line “mitzvah work.” They will be posted on her “Atid Tikvat Israel” Facebook page and the TI Facebook page. We also hope to display these pictures on the monitor in our lobby during the High Holy Day period.

Ahavat Tzion (Zionism and Israel)
* Visit Israel
* Buy Israeli products
Bal Tash’hit (Preserving the Earth)
* Recycle
* Compost
* Plant a garden
Bikkur Holim (Visiting the Sick)
* Visit someone who is ill
* Make a meal for caregivers
Hachnasat Orchim and Ma'akhil R'evim (Hospitality and Feeding the Hungry)
* Donate food to Manna Food Center
* Volunteer to serve free lunches to kids over the summer
Kashrut (The Dietary Laws)
* Visit a kosher restaurant
* Find hechshers (kosher certification) on food products in your pantry
Kibbud Av va-Em (Honoring Parents)
* Help get dinner ready
* Clean up your toys without being asked
Shabbat (Day of Rest and Renewal)
* Light candles
* Do something special as a family
Tza’ar Ba’alei Hayyim: (Compassion to Animals)
* Put outside a saucer of water for pollinators
* Save old towels for animal shelters

Kayitz tov. Have a great summer!