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Pesach 5777 begins at sundown on Monday, April 10, 2017

“B’khol dor va-dor [in every generation],” the Haggadah tells us, “chayyav adam lir’ot et atzmo k’illu hu yatza mi-mitzrayim [we are obligated to view ourselves as if we came out of Egypt].” Pesach is our opportunity—our challenge—to vicariously re-experience the bitterness of slavery and the triumph of liberation. At the seder and throughout the week of Pesach, we learn the lessons of freedom—the importance of the freedom that we achieved thousands of years ago, the importance of the freedom that many of us achieved years or generations ago, and the importance of the freedom for all people that we are obligated to strive for even today.

The Tikvat Israel Pesach Guide includes the following to help you with your observance and enjoyment of Pesach:

  • Information about Fast of the Firstborn and our siyyum, a celebration occasioned by the completion of study of a classical text, which will take place after Shacharit services on Monday, April 10. Services that morning begin at 6:45 am.
  • The Rabbinical Assembly’s Annual Passover Guide, which you can access and download HERE.
  • A Seder Home Hospitality Form to Match Seder Seekers With Seder Seats (form due Wed. April 5)
  • Information about Hametz, including an “An Authorization to Sell Hametz” form (due in the Tikvat Israel office by Sunday, April 9). You may also access and download the form directly HERE. We welcome forms that are filled out and signed electronically and emailed back to Tikvat Israel. Please note that it is customary to give a monetary donation, which will be directed to a local charity that helps to feed the hungry.
  • A schedule of holiday preparation, candle lighting and service times throughout the eight-day holiday.
  • Rabbi Shull’s ruling permitting the consumption of kitniyot on Pesach

Pesach Schedule 5777/2017

Sun., Apr. 9     B’dikat Chametz [search for leaven] in homes in the evening.

Mon., Apr. 10 Minyan and Siyyum B’khorim [service for firstborn sons], 6:45 am. Chametz may not be eaten after 10:58 am. Chametz must be burnt/nullified no later than 12:04 pm. Yomtov candles, 7:23 pm. No pm Minyan in the synagogue. First seder in homes in the evening.

Tue., Apr. 11   First day of Pesach. Shabbat and Yomtov Morning Service, 9:30 am. Yomtov candles, 8:24 pm. No pm Minyan in the synagogue. Second seder in homes in the evening.

Wed., Apr. 12  Second day of Pesach. Yomtov Morning Service, 9:30 am. Mincha, Study, Ma’ariv, 7:30 pm.

Thu., Apr. 13   Hol Ha-mo’ed Pesach. Morning minyan, 6:30 am. Evening minyan, 7:30 pm.

Fri., Apr. 14     Hol Ha-mo’ed Pesach. Morning minyan, 7:45 am. Erev Shabbat. Ma’ariv, 6:30 pm. Shabbat candles, 7:27 pm.

Sat., Apr. 15    Shabbat Chol Ha-mo’ed Pesach. Shabbat morning services, 9:30 am.

Sun., Apr. 16   Morning minyan, 9:00 am. Mincha and Ma’ariv for Yomtov, 6:30 pm. Yomtov candles, 7:29 pm.

Mon., Apr. 17  Seventh day of Pesach. Yomtov Morning Service, 9:30 am. Mincha, Yizkor and Ma’ariv Services, 7:30 pm. Yomtov candles, 8:30 pm.

Tue., Apr. 18   Eighth day of Pesach. Yomtov Morning Service (including Yizkor), 9:30 am. Mincha, 7:30. Chametz may be eaten after 8:31 pm.

NOTE: There will be no evening minyan on Monday and Tuesday, April 10 and 11, the evenings of the sedarim

The officers, Board, clergy, and staff of Tikvat Israel Congregation wish you a
chag kasher v’sameach — a happy and meaningful Pesach, for you and all of your loved ones.