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The Real Housewives of Canaan! – Atid Learning Center Weekly Update 11/21/17

Dear Families,

  • Wednesday, November 22– Happy Thanksgiving, no school
  • Sunday, November 26– Happy Thanksgiving, no school
  • Wednesday, November 29– Wednesday Classes Resume

Wishing you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving.  Thanksgiving echoes the Jewish value of “hakarat hatov“—“recognition of the good.” Take moments to savor the good, the blessings in your life and I encourage you to ask everyone at your table to share what blessings in their life they are savoring.  Holidays are bittersweet times, the excitement of gathering for a special meal, the variety of personalities that come to the table, also the recognition of who is no longer at the table.  By taking the time to recognize the good, we can find glimmers of hope and inspiration.

For readings and conversation pieces for your Thanksgiving table, click here 

Mitzvah Request 
Tikvat Israel has adopted a refugee family and is seeking gently worn winter clothes for a 3 and 6 year old boy and for girls ages 4, 8 and 10.  

Please contact Debbie Amster at debbieamster@comcast.net make arrangements to drop off donations.

Torah Talk:


This week’s parsha continues with Jacob’s adventure. Last week, he stole the blessing from his older brother, Esau, and fled to escape the consequences. Watch the video to see what happens next. If you want you can submit your responses here.

Now that we are mid-way through the book of Genesis we can clearly see that the issue of sibling rivalry appears in almost all the stories. Think back:  In the first family, one brother, Cain, kills the other, Abel. Then, we meet Jacob and Esau who fight for their parents’ love. Now we read about Leah and Rachel who compete the love of their shared husband, Jacob.  Oy! That’s a lot sibling rivalry! 

Why do you think this issue of sibling competing and fighting with one another is at the center of these stories?  If you have siblings, brothers or sisters, think about your relationship with them.  Are there certain things you compete over?  What are they?  Why do you fight? What are you jealous of.  If you don’t have siblings, do you experience jealousy with a close friend?  
In the book of Proverbs, we even read, “Jealousy in the heart makes the bones rot.”  Jealousy can certainly ruin our relationships and lives. 

Think about ways you’ve been jealous of others and share with one another who you’ve been able to overcome, or make peace with these feelings, or even how jealousy has ruined a relationship.  

Family Discussion

  1. In this parshah, we read about Rachel and Leah competing with each other for Jacob’s love. Have you ever competed against someone you care about like a friend or a family member? 
  2. Is it easier or harder to compete with someone you care about?
  3. No matter who you are competing with, how do you make sure that you are a good sport in the competition? Give 2 suggestions for keeping competitions fair. 

Upcoming Events:

  • Wednesday, November 22– Happy Thanksgiving, no school
  • Sunday, November 26– Happy Thanksgiving, no school
  • Wednesday, November 29– Wednesday Classes Resume

Community Announcements:

SAVE THE DATE for a Family Kabbalat Shabbat service led by TI teens followed by Shabbat dinner (meat). 
Friday, December 8, 2017
Service starts at 5:30 pm with dinner at 6:15 pm
All are welcome!   
Stay tuned for details on how to RSVP.  Mark your calendars!

Contact Jason Schwartz (jason@schwartzcentral.com) if your teen is interested in leading part of the service.
Contact Sarah Hardy (sarahehardy@yahoo.com) if you can help with meal set-up, service, or clean-up.

New Year’s Family Camp at Capital Camps (December 29 – January 1)

There’s something for every member of the family at Capital Camps! Bring your family to sit around a campfire together, make s’mores, fly on the zip-line, create art, play on the sports fields and so much more. Come to learn, have fun, and share meaningful moments with family and friends.  In addition to program opportunities for families to enjoy together, our counselors run separate programs for kids, providing ‘grown?up’ time for adults to enjoy being with one another. Everything is included – food, accommodations, program, fun and memories. Click here to learn more and register!

Shabbat shalom,

Luisa Moss
Director of Education and Youth Programming