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Second Chances and Our Omer Journey

Rabbah Arlene Berger leading Women’s Newtork in study (Photo by Felicia R. Black)

Rabbah Arlene Berger led a study session on Pesach Sheni (“Second Passover”) and counting the Omer for the Women’s Network on Sunday, May 19. The 18 women in attendance learned that Pesach Sheni was designated in the Torah as a second chance to bring the Passover sacrifice, or Korban Pesach (Passover lamb offering), to the Temple for those unable to do so the first time because of ritual impurity. It is customary to mark this day by eating matzah, she explained, so attendees were treated to a bite of matzah. 

Rabbah Berger also discussed the counting of the Omer, which starts the night of the second Seder and continues for 49 days until Shavuot. She explained the rules for what happens when you forget to count and tied the counting of the Omer to the sefirot, or emanations of God, such as chesed (kindness) and gevurah (strength).