Tikvat Israel Congregation

A Conservative Synagogue in Rockville, MD

Women’s Network Wakes Up and Smells the Coffee


Women’s Network at Mayorga Coffee in Rockville, MD (Photo by Felicia R. Black)

Tikvat Israel’s Women’s Network kicked off the year with a coffee social at Mayorga Organics in Rockville Oct. 22. Nineteen members met at Mayorga for a coffee tasting, a tour of the coffee roasting and packaging facility, and an informative discussion led by Mayorga’s barista Eduardo Choza about how the coffee cherry progresses from seed to bean. The group was invited to smell, touch, and taste several types of roasts and grinds of coffee. Choza fielded questions about the differences between grinds from fine to coarse, how roasting times affect flavor, the best way to store coffee (not in the refrigerator or freezer), and how long it can be stored before freshness is affected. During a tour of the facility, Choza showed participants where Mayorga’s 15,000 pounds of coffee per day are roasted and packaged. The tasting involved light, medium, and dark roasts and was accompanied by muffins, banana bread, and fruit. During the social, members shared their personal coffee stories, including which blends were their favorites. Several had gotten hooked on coffee as children when they were given coffee that was mostly milk with lots of sugar.
Named for its founder, Martin Mayorga, who started the company in 1995, the company produces coffee that is certified organic and kosher.