Tikvat Israel Congregation

A Friendly, Participatory, Egalitarian Conservative Synagogue in Rockville, MD

About Us

Tikvat Israel is a Conservative synagogue affiliated with the United Synagogue of America and the Rabbinical Assembly. We remain true to Jewish traditions, yet as a modern Conservative congregation we are open to new ideas and new approaches to spiritual growth. For example, our Kabbalat Shabbat With Instruments is an uplifting, traditional Shabbat evening service that includes spirited melodies accompanied by guitar, piano, bass and percussion, and is extremely popular not only with our congregants but with others from around the area.

Tikvat Israel is big enough to enable congregants to celebrate all life cycle events, but not so big that you will feel lost in a big box synagogue. Many adult congregants can step in to lead services or give a d’var Torah when the rabbi and cantor are away. However, if you want to simply follow along rather than lead, you will feel comfortable and supported.

Some Fun Facts

  • Some children choose to begin reading Torah as young as 9 years old in our Torah Club, and their “teachers” are usually other children who are just a bit older and more knowledgeable.
  • We have a thriving Early Childhood Center and an innovative Youth/Education program.
  • While we are located in a vibrant Maryland suburb right on the path of Rock Creek Park, which allows us a short walk to running water for Tashlich services.
  • We don’t charge for High Holiday tickets, nor do we have reserved seat assignments that you have to inherit.
  • We are one of only two synagogues in Maryland with our own solar collection system that provides power to our building while reducing our carbon footprint.
  • We are a multifaceted community. One of our members created a new field in medicine, another worked in the White House, while others do groundbreaking research. We have both current and former state legislators, authors and artists.
  • We have many artists in our congregation who enrich our building with their art and who have helped create Jewish cultural events, such as a weekend devoted to Ethiopian Jewry.