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Adult Jewish Learning with Tikvat Israel

Dear Friends,

Today we enter into month of MarCheshvan, the only month in the Hebrew calendar which has no special characteristics. This is a great time to carry the spirit of the fall holidays into the year and begin a new course of Jewish learning.

There are many opportunities for you to study Jewish text and to think about how Jewish tradition can impact and guide your life.

  • ScholarStream: We are pleased to provide our members an opportunity to study with scholars from across the Conservative Movement at no cost to you. ScholarStream presents a series of lectures tied together by a common theme; however, each lecture is meant to “stand alone” so you can participate in the ones that interest you most. The first lecture of Series 2 begins October 26! Register on the ScholarStream registration page and enter the discount code TikvatIsrael5783 in the box labeled “event fee.”
  • Friday Morning Mishnah Study: We are studying Mishnah Baba Kama, the 2nd Century compilation of Jewish law focused on torts. We find remarkable parallels and interesting differences to the way our society approaches these issues. To participate, join us on the minyan zoom link at 8:45 – 10:00 on Friday mornings. Newcomers and periodic “drop-ins” are always welcome.
  • New Classes: Our survey last year indicated that there is great interest in more learning opportunities in and around Tikvat Israel, including Torah study on Shabbat. In addition, I hope to offer two new classes in the coming weeks – one to take place at Leisure World and one aimed for people who work during the day. We are also interested in facilitating members who would like to teach short classes (1-5 sessions) in-person or online (or both). If you are interested in participating or teaching, please click here to fill out a BRIEF survey.

Wishing you a Chodesh tov – a good new month!

Rabbi Marc Israel