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  • Please join us on Saturday, Jan. 28, at 6:45 pm for a special Rhythm and Ruach Havdalah program with Auntie A. We will enjoy songs and prayers together as we end Shabbat and begin a new week. To coincide with PJ Havdalah, we will be collecting new pajamas and socks in the TI Lobby to donate the week of our program.

  • Join us for a thought-provoking discussion with Imam Abdullah Antepli and Rabbi Jeffrey K. Salkin as they tackle the complex issues of Israel, Palestine, Zionism, and the role of religion in America. “The Elephants in the Room: Israel, Palestine, Zionism, and the Role of Religion in America – Can we talk about them? We can, and we do” will provide a unique perspective on these sensitive topics and offer the chance for meaningful dialogue. Don’t miss this important event – register now!

  • You won’t have jet lag after this program! Tikvat Israel joins the Sisterhoods of Beth Zion Congregation (Montreal), Israel Center of Conservative Judaism (Queens, NY), Shaare Zion Beth El (Montreal), Temple Beth Ahm (Aberdeen, NJ), and B’nai Israel (Rockville, MD). Presented by Stephanie Paul and Karen Reb Rudel. RSVP

  • Join Rabbi Marc IsraelWednesdays, January 18 & 25February 8, 15, 228:00 pm, on Zoom, following minyan While many prayers in our siddur date back to the time of the Mishnah (200 CE), there have been subtle – and not so subtle – changes to the precise wording over the years. During these sessions, we will learn how previous generations have adapted the language of the siddur in the past and discuss the challenges of balancing our reverence for tradition with our desire for the siddur to speak in ALL of our voices. As part of this course, we will examine and explain Tikvat Israel’s current practices; Participants will also be encouraged to raise issues for us to consider in the future. 

  • HELP PREPARE DINNER FOR STEPPING STONES! Wednesday, February 1, 2023Drop-off at TI: 4:30 – 4:45 p.m. TI will again be providing dinner for residents of the Stepping Stones Shelter in Rockville (Feb. 1). A total of 8 volunteers are needed. Our kid-friendly meal includes baked cornflake-coated chicken, rice pilaf, green beans and individual applesauce cups. Please use SignUp Genius if interested in participating. A link within SignUp Genius will take you to the recipes. Food items must be dropped off at the TI parking lot 4:30 – 4:45 p.m., Feb. 1, for delivery to the shelter. THANK YOU! Sign Up

Capital Campaign Aims for $600,000 in Pledges Before Purim

In Parsha Noah, G-d speaks to Noah and directs him to build an ark in preparation for a big flood that will destroy all life except that which is on the ark. Genesis 14-16 provide specific instructions for the Ark’s design, dimensions and building materials. Nothing is written about Ark maintenance, but it only needed to last 40 days.

In Parsha Trumah, G-d lays out detailed specifications for the construction of the Tabernacle that will contain the Holy Tablets during the 40 years in the desert. The haftorah for that parsha (1 Kings) is again a detailed description of the Temple that Solomon will build. That Temple is intended to last throughout time.

Where is the parsha that focuses on how the Temple edifice is to be maintained? How ought the Temple address a necessary roof replacement, renovation of various components, shoring up walls and even upgrading lighting, cooling and heating systems (if such existed). How would contributions for these needs be solicited and gathered?

The members of Tikvat Israel Congregation currently face the need to maintain our building. A report commissioned by the shul’s board of directors that was completed in February assessed the physical structure and its systems and recommends a 10-year plan of renovation and replacement. The plan carries a price tag exceeding $500,000 in 2022 dollars. With inflation, a practical goal is $600,000.

Tikvat Israel’s Capital Campaign was launched following the High Holidays. The campaign’s co-chairs, Howard Wilchins and Carol Chelemer, have reached out to individual members who have repeatedly demonstrated their desire and ability to be major donors. This effort is continuing , but to date, pledges to be paid over three years (2023-2025) have been made by four individuals totaling about $77,000.

This is considered Phase 1. During November and December, further outreach, both in person and via telephone or Zoom, will take place. We believe it is important to contact every member and for every member to participate to the extent they can (and then perhaps a bit more) because Tikvat Israel is our home.

Please contact Carol or Howard directly if you would like to discuss the campaign either by phone or in person.