Tikvat Israel Congregation

A Friendly, Participatory, Egalitarian Conservative Synagogue in Rockville, MD

Havurah Programs

Joining a havurah (friendship group) is a great way to get to know other members of the congregation. Havurot have flourished at Tikvat Israel for many years, resulting in many lifelong friendships.

The original havurah idea was developed by Rabbi Mordecai Kaplan, founder of the Reconstructionist Movement. His concept was to get small Jewish groups to come together for study and observance of Jewish rituals and life cycle events.

Here at Tikvat Israel, each havurah group is self-directed, planning its activities based on the interests of its members. Some groups are more social in nature, while others focus more on religious, family or study-related activities. They may even take the form of a book club. Past activities of Tikvat Israel havurot have included potluck dinners, book discussions, sports (bowling, skating, hiking), musical or theater events, movies, Shabbat dinners, Havdalah services and holiday celebrations.

At Tikvat Israel we believe that belonging to a havurah can be fun and enriching. Whether you are new to the synagogue, or have been a member for a while, it is a way to meet people with similar interests, get to know other families and build friendships.

Groups are usually formed on the basis of life stage. Every year in the fall, all Tikvat Israel members receive an application form to join a havurah. Based on the responses received, the havurah coordinator forms new groups. Members may also join existing havurot. The synagogue currently has groups for families with children, couples, single-parent families and single individuals. If you are interested in joining an existing havurah (new blood is always welcome!) or have an idea for a new one, contact Melissa Apter at mwapter@gmail.com

We have several different havurot and welcome your participation.