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Let All Who Are Hungry Come Eat

Order a Complete Seder meal and/or Sign-up to Host or Attend a Virtual Seder With restrictions on travel, the number of people in a room, and the need to protect the most vulnerable populations, this year’s seder promises to be different from all other years. Many of us are facing the possibility of having a seder alone. However, your Tikvat Israel community is here to ensure everyone has an opportunity to have a proper seder meal and participate in a seder with others. To acheive this goal, we will need to be a little more flexible about what it means to join others in celebrating. 

As our theme for the year indicates, im ein kemach, ein Torah – if there is no substance there can be no Torah. So the first order of business is the meal. Register below for Tikvat Israel to deliver to your home a full Seder meal from Moti’s Market. You must sign up by this Sunday, March 29. Follow the link for more details. 

NOTE: We are committed to providing a seder meal to all who need it. Several people have provided funding to ensure that all who are hungry may come eat. Whether you are living on a fixed income or perhaps lost a job in these last few weeks – whatever the circumstances, we want every member of our community to take part in a meaningful seder this year. Tikvat Israel members who cannot afford to pay, simply enter the promo code PESACH 5780

To ensure everyone’s safety, we are encouraging everyone to “seder in place” with your immediate family members. We recognize that this can be lonely. Therefore, we seek hosts and guests to take part in virtual seders. A couple, family or individual will volunteer to serve as host and use Zoom to bring in guests who aren’t able to go to an in-person seder. (Shortly after we decided this plan, a rabbinic ruling from Israel was issued to grant permission to participate in a Seder through Zoom – clearly, they were following our lead!) If you would like to host or be hosted, please email Hope Kott at hkott@aol.com.

Wishing you a chag kasher v’sameach – a joyous and meaningful holiday,

Rabbi Marc Israel and the Tikvat Israel community