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Manny Helzner’s Passion for Music

Manny Helzner (left) pictured with other TI Zemer Chai members, Leesa Shem-Tov, Sarah Fishman, Jim Perlmutter and Janaki Kuruppu posing in a White House library December 2014

To many Tikvat Israel members, Manny Helzner, a long-time congregant, is known as Cantor Rochelle Helzner’s father. He has joined Cantor Helzner, Robyn Helzner (his other daughter as well as a cantorial soloist) and other family members on the TI stage during past cantor’s concerts. A retired economist with 30 years of government service, Manny holds a strong passion for music, having performed with Zemer Chai, the Washington-area’s Jewish Community Chorus for 45 years and having played the snare drum with Tikvat Israel’s Eine Kleine Tikva band. He was recently interviewed by Samantha Cooper of the Washington Jewish Week about his musical interests. Find the article here.