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Passover Hospitality at TI Means Matching Seder Hosts With Guests

“All who are hungry, let them come and eat” is not just something we read in the Haggadah once a year.  It is said Abraham and Sarah placed such great importance on welcoming others that they kept the walls of their tents open so that they could see potential guests from a long way off and ran to prepare for them.

At Tikvat Israel, we strive to emulate this example and offer members of our community the opportunity to be either a host or a guest at a Passover Seder.

Congregants young and old who do not have a Seder to attend and those who have a seat or two to fill at the Seder table are asked to complete the form appearing in the March-April issue of the Tikvat Israel Bulletin. Mail the completed form to the shul office by March 15. Alternatively, you may contact Hope Levy Kott, TI’s hospitality coordinator, at 301-921-8268 or hkott@aol.com to make the arrangements to be a guest or a host on the first and/or second night of the holiday.