Tikvat Israel Congregation

A Friendly, Participatory, Egalitarian Conservative Synagogue in Rockville, MD

Rabbi’s Advisory Council

Purpose: to provide feedback to the Rabbi on his activities, help the Rabbi set goals, and help the Rabbi determine whether those goals are being accomplished. The RAC will act as a liaison between the Rabbi and individual congregants, where congregants are reluctant to bring matters to the Rabbi’s attention directly.

Activities: this committee was created in 2020 by TI’s board of directors at Rabbi Israel’s suggestion and serves as a sounding board for the rabbi and to keep the rabbi informed about congregant concerns and desires. The RAC meets quarterly.

Membership: by invitation only.

Contact persons: Danny Bachman, chair – danielbachman@yahoo.com
Ellen Eisner – eeisner@comcast.net
Cliff Fishman – cuaproffishman@gmail.com
Shira Lantner – shirayona@gmail.com
Bethanie Weitz – bgweitz@gmail.com