Tikvat Israel Congregation

A Friendly, Participatory, Egalitarian Conservative Synagogue in Rockville, MD

Shabbat Programming for Youth and Families


Shabbat Family Jam with Auntie A

Twice a month during the school year, our synagogue is filled with the beautiful and sounds and colors of Auntie A’s Shabbat Familiy Jam. Families from around the DMV are invited to enjoy this joyous and creative Shabbat experience. She supplies the instruments; you and your kids bring the Rhythm! If you have not yet experienced Rhythm ‘N’ Ruach Shabbat Family Jam, it is time to have an incredible family Shabbat hour! Check the Calendar and B’Kesher for exact dates and times.

Torah Club

Under the direction of Elliot Cowan, students in grades four and up learn Torah trope with the goal of becoming proficient in reading Torah. The club meets every second and fourth Shabbat morning of the month. Students are encouraged to attend Torah Service (beginning at approximately 10:30am) and then after the dressing of the Torah, the class will will meet in the Social Hall. Contact Elliot for more information. Follow this link to practice your trope skills, with Elliot’s help!

Children in our Sanctuary

We welcome children to our services and we make all of our Shabbat experiences as kid-friendly as possible.  There is an area in the back of the Sanctuary where children are welcome to play quietly with parental supervision and we invite children to join us on the bimah at various points in the service. We expect that children to act their age and not behave like adults. Their presence and playful sounds do not disturb us; on the contrary, for many of us, they help lift our prayers. At the same time, a child who is crying or is being particularly loud may benefit by taking a brief break outside the Sanctuary and then returning when ready.

As we have more children in older age groups, we will expand our Shabbat youth programs

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Check out the Tikvat Israel Calendar  for Shabbat programming dates and times!