Tikvat Israel Congregation

A Friendly, Participatory, Egalitarian Conservative Synagogue in Rockville, MD

Sukkah Painting and Building

People of all ages are being sought to paint the walls of sukkah in advance of its construction. Come ready on Sunday, Aug. 1, to add your decorative designs to the canvas. Stencils, paint, and brushes will be provided in the social hall. Come ready to add your decorative designs to the canvas. The project runs from 10 a.m. until noon. RSVP to project director Tamah Graber at grabertamah@gmail.com.

ECC teacher Limor Dahan in the sukkah with her students (September 2015)

Tikvat Israel members will build the synagogue’s sukkah on Sunday, Sept. 12. Able-bodied teenagers and adults are requested to help assemble starting at 10:15 a.m. Bring a screwdriver and a stepstool if you have one. If you can help for even an hour, please contact Alan Apter at alaniapter@gmail.com