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Test Your Heroic Powers Over the Summer – By Luisa Moss, Director of Education and Youth

Who are your heroes? What characteristics do you admire?

Heroes inspire us. Their actions motivate our behaviors. We admire their actions and aspire to be like them. Anyone can be a hero but as Jews, we are commanded to be heroes. As Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel states, “The meaning of man’s life lies in his perfecting the universe. He has to distinguish … and redeem the sparks of holiness scattered throughout the darkness of the world.”

As partners with G-d, we can help to make the world a better place. These actions big or small play an important role in living morally responsible lives, one of the foundations of Judaism. By performing mitzvot, we can build our relationship with G-d, with the world, our community, our family and ourselves. We are no longer passively living life. We take on an active role in this world as well as the world of future generations that benefit from our deeds today.

This summer, Rabbi Shull and I charge the Tikvat Israel community to be Mitzvah Heroes, every day people, doing good every day.

Below you will find a list of Mitzvah Hero powers and suggested actions. Feel free to do other mitzvot as well. Try one or try a few. How does it feel being a Mitzvah Hero? Are there some mitzvot you regularly do? That is OK, as well. Perhaps there are new ones you want to try. Experiment and let us know how it goes.

Please take photos of you and your children in mitzvah action and send them to luisa@tikvatisrael.org.  They will be posted on my “Atid Tikvat Israel” Facebook page.