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TI University’s 2020 Edition Set for Feb. 23

Join the Tikvat Israel community on Feb. 23 for the fourth annual Tikvat Israel University, a morning of learning featuring the talents and knowhow of TI congregants in 45-minute portions.  The event runs from 9:45 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Sally Kram at TI University February 2017
Photo by Felicia R. Black

All speakers (along with an outside lecturer from Theater J in Washington, D.C.) give brief presentations on an aspect of expertise. Topics typically address personal growth, politics, financial planning, cultural affairs and travel, among others.

A series of three time slots will be offered. The event is free of charge.

Further information is available from Sally Kram, who chairs the Adult Education Committee. Contact her at kram@consortium.org.