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Women’s Network Event – Beyond Chicken Soup: A Huge Success

On Sunday, January 12, a group of 30 Women’s Network members met in the Social Hall and kitchen for a Healthy Eating and Cooking Program: Beyond Chicken Soup. The event was knowledgeably and warmly led by Debbie Amster, an integrative nutritionist for more than 10 years. She demonstrated how to cook Caribbean Fish Soup and Haleakala Red Lentil Soup while answering many questions from the participants and sharing her extensive knowledge about food. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed bowls of these two soups.

Debbie Amster (left) demonstrates her soup making skills. (Photo by Felicia R. Black)

The highly engaged audience decided to continue the conversation by sharing soup recipes and tips: use the bones from a turkey to make soup similar to chicken soup; season soup gently as the soup simmers and the flavor of the vegetables develop; and that onions, garlic, shallots, etc. should not be refrigerated and that their flavor changes if cut into coarse vs. fine pieces.

We invite you to join Women’s Network and the Beyond Chicken Soup conversation by submitting a favorite soup recipe and/or cooking tip to Paula Kasper (pkinc04@yahoo.com) by Sunday, Jan. 19.

Brava to Debbie Amster and Paula Kasper, and all the Beyond Chicken Soup participants for such an enjoyable event.