Tikvat Israel Congregation

A Friendly, Participatory, Egalitarian Conservative Synagogue in Rockville, MD

Atid Committee (Youth Education and Religious Programming)

The Atid Committee has three main areas of responsibility:

  1. Tikvat Israel’s Religious School
  2. Tikvat Israel Youth Programs
  3. Shabbat Experiences for Tikvat Israel Youth

The Atid Committee is composed of parents and congregants representing a cross-section of Tikvat Israel’s K-12 education activities, including parents of Religious School students, parents interested in Shabbat Programming for youth, and parents of children participating in Youth Groups. The chair of the Atid Committee facilitates meetings and guides the work of the committee.

The Committee:

  • Defines, promotes, and supports quality Jewish education for all students between Kindergarten and 12th Grade at Tikvat Israel’s Atid Learning Center. It strives to maintain a positive and healthy Jewish learning environment supported by, and derived from, the mission and vision of Tikvat Israel.
  • Facilitates open communication on all levels: amongst students, parents, and teachers enabling the learning process to be a partnership between all involved, and between our committee, other Education committees of Tikvat Israel, the Rabbi, the Cantor, and synagogue leadership.
  • Supports the Education Director in the planning, development, and implementation of a curriculum and programming which instills Jewish values, explores history, conveys traditions, and teaches Hebrew language.
  • Helps plan and carry out activities for Bonim, Machar, Kadima, and USY youth groups.
  • Establishes education policy with the Education Director and the Rabbi.
  • Participates in ongoing discussions and long-range planning about promoting quality education, adherence to the goals, objectives and mission of the school.

Seeking new members: .  We are always looking for additional feedback and support, so please join the Atid committee and make a difference in the life of a child.

Contact person: Robin Lempert